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3D Consulting Ltd. is a consulting organisation for pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Our mission is to serve our partners by the most advanced technology  available. Thanks years of experience in the branch we set up a product portfolio,

which gives you answer to most of your requirements. Let us give a short explanation on our supplyers we represent and products we offer.



         Heatexchanger “PLATULAR” made of stainless steel, hastelloy etc. according to the customer needs.Good cleanability, validable, GMP.


DEC-Group / CH

            DEC Group is well kown about their patented PTS (Pulver Transfer System) expecially in the pharmaceutical and chemical processes, where the transport and

dosing of pulver and/or granulate to the process should be taken place in explosive cicumtances and with high accuracy. The custom made isolators

designed by DEC are used in technologies up to OEB5 containment level. The Jetpharma microniser is one of the most innovative equipment in the branch.



            HPLC-HIGH pressure Liquid Chromatograph

            LPLC- Low Pressure Liquid Chromatograph


OMCA Plants S.r.l. / I

             OMCA is serving the pharma and chemical industry with process equipment as filter dryers since 1960. OMCA’s market leader process equipment is the

            TILTING  filter dryer which solves the most critical step of the process ie. the EMPTYING as it can be emptied 100%. The partner of the OMCA holding is

            GLASSKEM producing glass lined equipment, like reactors, filters etc.



            RINA centrifuges  are well konown  everywhere in pharmacuetical-fine chemical industry  and everywhere where dewatering

            ie.liquid solid separation technology is required . All of the types (horizontal peeler or pusher and vertical centrifuges) comply to FDA,GMPand CIP requirements.

            The latest development of RINA is the SUPERCENTRIFUGE used eg. in the biotechnology for example in Blood plasma separation.


ZEAN Consultores sarl/ES

            ZEAN is well known about their Thin-film evaporator, short pass evaporator, used in destillation technology. Furthemore they  undertake contracting tasks

            starting with feasibility studies,pilot trials and ending with turn key projects in any pharmaceutical,chemical and  enviromental-protection projects.


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